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Know Your Skin

Know Your Skin
Know Your Skin

You are born with your skin type, so it is partly determined by your genes. But as you grow older, your skin is affected by how you look after it. Factors such as your stress levels, pollution, medication, second-hand smoke, sun damage and even hormonal changes during your period or pregnancy can influence your skin type. It’s also very common for people to have combination skin, or two skin types at once, such as sensitive and dry skin. The sooner you know where you fall, the sooner you can find the best daily skin-care regime to follow.

OIly Skin
This skin type can lead to acne, breakouts and blemishes. The pores are usually enlarged and four hours after cleansing it will have excess oil. The great advantage about oily skin is that it ages at a far slower rate than other skin types. Choose products which are gel-, liquid- and powder-based as part of your skin-care routine.

Dry Skin 
During the cold months, many women’s skin tends to feel dry, matte, flaky and tight. Dry skin can also easily develop fine lines and wrinkles, and is prone to ageing and irritation. Use an alcohol-free cleanser to clean your skin without irritating it. invest in a good nourishing cream and serum that contain vitamins E and A. keep a handy facial spritzer with anti-oxidants in your bag to keep your skin hydrated during the day.

Normal to Combination Skin 
This is the least problematic skin type as it often looks radiant and feels supple. it’s not often oily but can have occasional breakouts. it tends to become sensitive in winter or with the change of seasons. lighter lotions and serums are best for this type.

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